Podcast Episode One – Deflategate with Ian Gunn

Today I am proud to release the first official episode of the Sports Law Biz Podcast. This is a full length podcast episode, lasting for 34 minutes. You can listen to it here on this blog post or you can follow this link and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. If you subscribe, this and future episodes will be downloaded directly to your computer or mobile device and you will never miss one in the future. You can also find the episode on Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Youtube.

In this episode, I spoke with Ian Gunn of the Sports Esquires, a website that provides a wealth of sports law analysis, links to articles about current sports law issues, and resources (including case documents, statutes, and league collective bargaining agreements, etc.) to help people better understand what is going on in the sports law world. The Sports Esquires is a website that has been around for a while and is a must follow for anyone interested in these issues.

Ian has been following the Deflategate saga and has been providing insightful commentary about it on twitter and on the  Sports Esquires website. When Judge Berman’s recent decision came down, I wanted to do a podcast episode about it and I knew that he would be a great person to talk to. Our discussion focuses on why this case was in federal court at all, why Judge Berman ruled to vacate Tom Brady’s suspension, and what is likely to happen from here on out in this case. We used a recent post about the Deflategate ruling that Ian wrote on the Sports Esquires as a base for our discussion and we built on that.

So go ahead and listen to this podcast. Let us know what you think about it. You can reach Ian on twitter here, you can find the Sports Esquires on twitter here, and of course you can always reach out to me here. And if you like the podcast, it is very helpful to leave positive ratings and reviews, particularly on iTunes. This helps increase the visibility of the podcast so that others can find it.


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