Assault in a Stadium Parking Lot

While scouring the internet, I recently came across this story, in which a couple was allegedly assaulted upon returning to their car following a Chicago White Sox game. The details of the story are lurid, involving public urination, violence, and medical bills. Now the couple is suing the White Sox and U.S. Cellular Field’s owner, arguing that they failed to provide adequate security and protection for patrons of White Sox games in the adjoining parking lot.

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The Story of Starting Lineup Figures

My wife and I listened to the “Half-Baked Ideas” Podcast with Kevin Wildes and David Jacoby on the Grantland Channel the other day. Normally, this podcast consists of the two men coming up with crazy ideas for new businesses that are not fully formed, which can be entertaining. One of my favorite ideas in the past was a company that would allow people to operate heavy machinery and destroy things for fun, as part of bachelor parties and other events. It’s usually a pretty enjoyable listen.

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